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Google and mask

Who knows the Google's secrets?

Why does Google have secrecies? Why do its originators refuse to give the actual formula of the pagerank? Why don't they explain precisely how they do calculate the relevance of the pages?
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The policy of secrecies strictly maintained by Google is a nightmare for the webmasters who would like to understand the logic of the system to better be able to exploit it.

And the problem is precisely there! Google is not conceived to allure or help the webmasters (surely not!) Google is conceived to allure and help its users: the net surfers!

If all the webmasters of the world were perfectly honest and objective, if they did not seek at, all costs, to make appear their site in front of all the others, whatever it is deserved or not, in short, if the competition did not exist, Google could explain us with calms and kindness how it functions. But we do not live in this world there (and, after all, it is perhaps better like that).

As soon as a principle of operation of Google is clearly identified and understood, it is exploited by the malignant webmasters which know it with the detriment of those which do not know it. Certain sites, which are not inevitably of quality, replace other site which perhaps did not deserve that. The search engine which allows this situation does not play the role that the user awaits from him.

For this reason Google has secrecies. That's also, partly, why its rules of operation evolve every day. The best kept secrets are those which change form and face permanently. The employees of Google who would like to betray his secrets will be only able to reveal the rules which applied a few weeks or a few months ago, not those which apply today.

All that you will be able to read or to hear on Google (including in these pages) is thus of doubtful validity. Absolutely all.

Recently, certain information starts however to filter out! Click HERE to learn some more.

You can also have a look at the Jeff Dean interview about Google. Jeff is a Google's Systems Lab engineer.

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