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Questions & answers To get answers Net surfers ask questions
Your site is a whole set of answers, i.e. affirmative sentences (like, for example, the sentence which you are reading). Two difficulties related to your formulation can prevent the Net surfers from finding your site:
- the Net surfer does not use the same vocabulary as you. He seeks "to improve Google results position" whereas your page contains: "To optimize its classification in the search engines." You won't be found. Thus try to reformulate your sentences in various forms inside your pages. Also use all the possibilities stated in our chapter about "relevance" to add the maximum of synonyms into your pages.
- the Net surfer (especially if he is a beginner) types a question, whereas your site contains only answers. He seeks "How to succeed in improving classification?" whereas your site contains "Improve your classification". The words "how", "improving" and "to succeed", used in the research, are not in your pages and your site will not be regarded as relevant for this request. Thus try to formulate your titles in the form of questions, that can make you gain several positions in the results!

What the web surfers see Presentation
You absolutely wanted to appear among the first results for the expression "Website promotion". So you hid, somewhere in your page, something like "Website promotion, Website promotion, Website promotion... (350 times in a raw)" thinking that your page is going to become very relevant for this word. As you are lucky, it worked and you were not thrown in the sandbox (the force is probably with you!). Well done! Your site appears among the first results! The Net surfers seek "Website promotion" and Google gives to them (in first position!!!) an extract of your site which includes the required word. It is obviously your famous sentence which is a 350 times repetition of this expression. Who is it going to interest? Your desperate efforts to look relevant is obvious to everybody and you look like a jerk (sniff!). If you absolutely want to use repetition to gain relevance (we don't thinck that it's a good idea...) be a little smouter and seize a sentence like "........................... Improve your website promotion...........................Improve easily your website promotion...........................How you can improve your website promotion............................., etc". The dotted lines being counted like characters, Google will probably cut your sentence in the middle of two series of dotted lines. The Net surfer will not see that your sentence was repeated several times. He will only see one sentence that you will have studied to have a strong impact capacity, and this sentence will be framed by dotted lines to which he will undoubtedly not attach any importance.

In the same way, give the utmost importance to your page titles. They will appear in bold characters in the research results and are your "window". Your titles must ABSOLUTELY be different for each pages. They must reflect the real contents of the page and must be as attractive as possible.

The "description" meta tag is often used by engines as a summary of your page. Complete carefully this tag by using RelevanceSpirit if necessary.

Pages namesThe site/pages names
The words included in your URLs are used by search engines as indicators of their content. The site's name "" will able you to get a better ranking for any researchs using the "potatoe" word. The words used into the pages names are also considered.

Add content The chips
Do you see the small turquoise blue ball above, right before the title "The chips"? It is what we call a chip. Apart from the fact that this small image is more attractive than a simple indent, it enables you, for each paragraph, to enter one or two keywords in its "Alt" zone. If you want to be sure that your page includes all the synonyms of your keywords, this small easy way can come in usefull for you. Using the "Alt" tags is particularly judicious in the pages which comprise few text and a lot of pictures. These pages are usually not correctly indexed because of their insufficient text content. Add some! To make the better usage of the "Alt" tags, use the free utility RelevanceSpirit.

Where some good ideas are Cheat on your neighbors
Site X obtains a better classification than you, whereas your site is amazingly better? Go on the page of your competitor, click on the right button of your mouse and choose "Record the target under...". Once the page is entered on your PC, open it with RelevanceSpirit and see how your competitor managed its keywords and its relevance. Usefull!

Be fresh Update your site
Net surfers like sites that evolve constantly. Search engines too. The more content you add, the more you will have a chance to get words scanned by the Net surfers. The sites that evolve are more often examined by search engines. Your site must have more than 100 pages of quality contents to claim to be in the best results of research. Get to work!

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