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How to improve your site's ranking with search engines?

Now that RankSpirit enables you to follow with precision the visits on your site, you will naturally want to increase them as much as possible. This site does not claim to be an encyclopedia on this subject. We only try to explain some simple concepts for beginning webmasters. At first, let us point out some evidences that you should never forget.
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Quality question The key to success resides in the quality of your site. The best promotion of the world will not durably maintain your site on top if its pages are "hollow" and without interest for the Net surfers. Conversely, if your site is enthralling, it will almost inevitably end up enjoying a high frequentation. If you must take your competitors as a starting point, focus on what makes their sites interesting and try to do better. Manage your priorities in the following order: contents / clarity / speed / aesthetic.

Backlinks The more links you get pointing towards your site, the more visitors you will have (obviously). Let us remember that links have not only the goal to improve your classification in the search engines results. If you have 100 links which each brings one 1 to 2 visitors/day to your site, you will have between 100 and 200 additional visitors/day, even if Google or Msn does not have any consideration for these links. To obtain links is not very difficult. There is a huge number of sites catalogs on the Web, that only requires to add yours in their list. It is only a matter of time and work.

Rank consequency The better you are classified by the search engines, the more you get visitors. (obvious again!) The Net surfers of the whole world choose more and more systematically a search engine to find what interests them. And without meaning to do too much publicity for Google, it seems that it is more and more systematically selected as "the good one". That's why we wrote a special chapter about Google. If, for a particular research, Google classifies you in the 3 or 4 first sites, you will have between 10 and 50% of chance to be chosen by the Net surfers (see why HERE). If you find yourselves on page 2, you will collect some crumbs of frequentation. From page 3 onward, you will not have any more visitor (sorry...).

Natural linksIf your site is really interesting, the more visitors you have, the more "spontaneous" links you get (others webmaster will spontaneously decide to create a link towards your site, you will be mentionned in the forums). The more you have links and the more visitors you will get.

Speak about you Forums are a magic opportunity to become popular. Register yourself and speak from time to time about your site. But be careful! If you collect unkind comments about your site, these comments can appear in the first results of Google when the Net surfers seek your site! Thus start by making a site of quality and do not bore your "forum's friends" by too much invading publicity. They could make you pay dearly for that...

Page Rank and relevance Once these facts are in practice, you'll work primarily on two parameters to increase your frequentation:
- the PageRank of your site. Click HERE to learn more.
- the Relevance of your site compared to certain research topics. Click HERE to know more.

If all these explanations seem incomplete to you and you wish to know more about the mentionned subjects, consult "26 stages to propel your site at the top of the rank" as well as the pages and the forum proposed on

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