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"PageRank competition" is a sport usually practised by webmasters. On the other hand, the management of the pages relevance is often neglected and misunderstood by a too great number of them.

However, some sites presenting a pretty low pagerank appear in good rank between the results of the search engines. This is due to their excellent relevance on certain keywords.

RelevanceSpirit is neither a demonstration nor a limited version. It is a FREE software.

RelevanceSpirit: a specialized tool to manage relevance

Whatever your present or future pagerank, your classification between the results of the search engines depends closely on the terms used in your pages, of the number of times that these terms are repeated, and in the way in which they figure in your meta tags.

We thinck that work on the relevance is more interresting and promises better results on the long term, than work on the pagerank.

This utility was conceived to manage and optimize all the parameters which influence your pages relevance. Work on the relevance must be precise and meticulous. No opportunity must be neglected to gain some points. It is while optimizing and still optimizing these parameters that you will obtain the rank that your pages deserve.

Main window

This window presents :
- The keywords list of your page
- The list of all the words found into your page

After opening the page of your choice, the principal window of RelevanceSpirit presents the list of all the words used in your page and the number of times that these words are repeated. The words are required in all the zones considered by the search engines:

Content Text (title and paragraphs). It is the heart of your pages. Check your orthography to be certain that your words could be found. The importance attached by search engines to this zone is stronger than that granted to all the other zones. Make short sentences. Structure your text with titles and subtitles. The titles allow you to repeat the significant words several times.

Pictures Images comments (coded as alt=''comment''). These zones are too often neglected by webmasters. They are of rare interest to make appear words which will not - or very little - be seen by the Net surfers and who however will be considered by the search engines. It is thus the ideal place for:
- Registering spelling variants of your principal words in order to be sure that they will be found whatever the way in which the Net surfers seize their requests.
- Registering words close to the tackled subject or synonyms of the words used in your text.
- (and let us not forget the main thing) Registering a true comment on the image with which the zone alt is associated!

The text recorded in this zone is visible by the Net surfer during the loading of the image. If, for an unspecified reason, your image can't be loaded, this text will remain posted on your page. Be thus coherent in your choices of words..

Picture Comments (alt) Images names (Yes!) Some engines also count these words in the calculation of relevance. Here is still an occasion to make a little better than your competitors and to scrape some places. If you modify an image name, RelevanceSpirit automatically proposes to you to update the links of the whole of your site pointing towards this image.

Title of the page The <Title>...</Title> tag (title of the page)An essential field! It is indeed this sentence which will be posted in the results of the search engines (if you have happiness to appear in the results). Thinck as a Net surfer: is this sentence attractive? Does it give you the irresistible desire to click on this result?

A title of the type "the secret life of the pink floyds" will undoubtedly attract much more visitors than "Phoenicopterus ruber" (scientific name of this bird). An attractive title can collect visitors even if you are not at the top of the results list.

It is generally assumed that Google takes into account the number of clics on the results to optimize its classification. That means that the more Net surfers will click on the title of your site and the more you will go up in the classifications.

meta tag description The ''description'' tag If the word scanned for by a Net surfer appears in this tag, its content will be posted by Google as the "text extract" that represent your site (immediately after the title of your site). In many cases, it is thus this text which will give to the Net surfers an idea of what your site really contains. This time again, your text must thus be particularly attractive. Go to essence, be clear.

meta tag author The ''author'' tag
meta tag owner The ''owner'' tag
meta tag copyright The ''copyright'' tag

The experiment prove that the search engines record the contents of these tags, even when the words which appear in it are not included in the remainder of the page. Thus regard this as an additional opportunity and exploit it.

While clicking on one of the words found in your page by RelevanceSpirit, you can read in the right-hand zone the various places where this word was found. You can also add this word in the list of the keywords if it is not already there (the code of your page will be modified). While clicking on "Modify the sentence", you can modify the sentence in which this word has been found.

The higher zone of the principal window presents the list of the words appearing in the "keywords" tag of your page (< meta name="keywords" content =''.....''>).

One reads and one intends to often say that the search engines do not attach any importance to this list of words. This is false.

It is true that many webmasters misused the existence of this tag, fulling it with hundreds of keywords having no relationship with the contents of their pages, with an only aim of attracting Net surfers towards their sites (leaves to disappoint them).

The search engines having for main goal to satisfy the Net surfers, thus show from now on a great prudence about this tag. On another side, search engines are increasingly sophisticated and more and more "intelligent". "Intelligent" enough to have a "point of view" on your site.

However, the experiment shows that you can increase your relevance on some words by copying them into this tag. To increase, not to create! Here is the subtlety! You should make appear in this list only words which already exist in your text. RelevanceSpirit is perfect to carry out this work. It indicates to you, for each keyword, if this word exists or not in your text. It enables you to remove the useless words, to modify the existing words or to add the most relevant words compared to the contents of your page.

The Meta tags window

meta tag window

This window presents a quasi-exhaustive list of the tags possibly placed in your page in order to improve the relevance and referencing of it. Small explanatory concerning each tag enables you to determine its interest and to know how to supplement it. It enables you to create in your page the tags which do not yet exist, and to modify the contents of the existing ones.

The Images window

pictures window

This window presents the list of the images appearing in your page and allows you to add or modify the "Alt" tag for each one of them. This tool enables you to modify the name of your images to gain in relevance. In the event of modification, RelevanceSpirit automatically proposes to you to update the links of the whole of your site pointing towards this image.

RelevanceSpirit limits

The specialist agree to say that the position of a word in a page (in beginning or end) or in a tag, influences the relevance of this page for this word. RelevanceSpirit does not manage this criterion because, if its principle seems logical, nobody knows precisely which influence it can have on the final relevance granted to the pages. This parameter belongs to the Google secrets.

It is probable that, in spite of our vigilance, many other criterias had been neglected by our approach. Nobody is perfect! But as say the old Chinese who lives our district: "Do today what you can do today. What you will be able to make tomorrow, you will do it tomorrow!".

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